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Welcome to Natural Awakenings Online

December Edition

Uplifting Humanity
& the Holidays

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Intestinal Crossfit Core Training

Waking the Spirit

Moises Orozco takes his art seriously, body and soul

Overcoming Depression and Anxiety

Though depression is very common, 34 percent of Americans think depression is a personal weakness.

Choices in Health Care Payment

What choices for healthcare payment exist other than insurance?

Visions of Sugar Plums

Accompanying the Dying, their Caregivers and Families

What is Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorder?

Keeping your Health through the Holidays

Spiritual Practice Makes Perfect

Many people have felt distress, pain and/or suffering at some point in their lives

Give the Gift of Life Insurance

With the holidays upon us, many are thinking about a gift that will explain how much they mean
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Archive »Tucson Blog

14 Tricks to Keep Sugar Grams Low and Still Love Your Food

Sugar has emerged in recent years as an insidious and dangerous threat to our health—at least as much so as fat.
2016.10.28 01:26 PM
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Archive »Features

Heal Adrenal Fatigue Naturally

Practical Ways to Regain Vitality
When enervating schedules and obligations sideline healthy habits, our adrenal glands can stop functioning efficiently, zapping our mojo.

Fetch, Stretch, Dance

Make Your Dog an Exercise Buddy
Instead of just walking the family dog, there are vigorous, heart-pumping ways to work out with a furry friend, even in inclement weather.

Live as Your Heart Lives

Our deepest wisdom and bravest truths reside in our heart rather than our mind.

Loving Large

Scientists Say We’re All Connected
Emerging scientific findings reveal what sages have long taught: Our core nature is love, and love is the organizing principle of the whole cosmos.

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See More »Global Briefs

Ocean Watch

Sea Mammals Update

Bye-Bye Birdies

North American Species at High Risk

Good Move

Officials Urge Chinese to Cut Meat Consumption

Extinction Scenario

Humans an Endangered Species

Solar Sidewalk

Missouri Debuts Energy-Generating Pavers

Greening Planet

Satellites Reveal Unexpected Plant Growth

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Health Briefs

A Cup of Peppermint Tea Boosts Alertness

Increases Attention and Improves Memory

Fracking Linked to Asthma Attacks

Living Close to Sites Increases Risk

Cranberries Reduce Urinary Tract Infections

Healthy Holiday Staple

Bright Lights Encourage Healthy Eating

Lighting the Way to Nutritious Food

Teens Hooked on Ear Buds Prone to Tinnitus

Ringing in Ears Linked to Headphones

Why Some Kids Grow Up with Fewer Allergies

Connection to Thumb Sucking