Creating Healthy Enlightened Relationships Seminar

RainbowLight Creations, a local multimedia production company, is launching its premier event, “Creating Healthy Enlightened Relationships”, a one-day seminar, on May 13, at the Radisson Suites, in Tucson. Participants can expect to learn how to navigate common challenges in their relationships with skill and heartfulness and how to make healthy choices that empower and bring out the best in each other and their relationships.

Participants are invited to explore their relationships from four perspectives, featuring four distinctive enlightened spiritual teachers who will share their personal stories, insights and expertise, along with tools (and humor) that are sure to inspire and uplift everyone attending.

Relationships with Oneself and Their Spirit. Alex Hermosillo, internationally known healer and founder of Mastery of Energy Healing, will detail how the relationships in his life challenged him and his spirit. Hermosillo will describe the ego-based attitudes that many deal within themselves, explain how and why one’s life experiences, emotions and thoughts can nurture or cause adverse effects in them, and how to release past non-nurturing painful experiences, through a powerful group healing and meditation. Hermosillo imparts, “When one learns how to nurture their mind, body and spirit—and love themselves—they will become peaceful, joyful and balanced with the ability to access higher wisdom to guide them throughout their life.”

Relationships with Intimate Partners. Michael Traub, MBA, MSW, has worked as a relationship specialist and psychotherapist for over 37 years, assisting people in successfully creating and maintaining relationships. Traub will help participants identify common patterns where relationships struggle and what to do about it, provide skillful, practical tools for better communication, explain why we have strong reactions to what our partner does and says, share how to talk about upsets and describe how to make and keep skillful agreements. Traub assures, “When intimate partners become aware of their patterns and reasons for reactivity, and choose to use a powerful solution-focused interaction model, they will experience transformation of their relationship.”

Relationships with Children. Nadine Gofonia, Director of Coaching Effectiveness, has been a classroom teacher, school principal, parent of five children and step-parent for over 34 years. Gofonia will provide participants with helpful insights and practical tools in mindfulness, freeing oneself from distractions, fears and worries and allowing for positive intentions and self-awareness, daily prayer work and meditations that develop happier, more meaningful relationships with their children, and methods for allowing children the freedom to learn from their obstacles and challenges benefitting everyone. Gofonia shares, “Relationships with children have allowed me to experience the highest level of joy and the deepest level of pain and grief. Each relationship is a gift reminding me that the best gift I can give to myself, my children and others is to choose joy, gratitude, forgiveness and greeting each daily experience with compassion and love.”

Relationships with Parents and Siblings. Amy LaLicata is a filmmaker, musician, publisher and founder of RainbowLight Creations, and she is co-founder of Mastery of Energy Healing with Alex Hermosillo. Participants will learn common challenges often faced with parents and siblings (including in adulthood); how to have an independent voice through heartful, skillful communication; how to become an effective catalyst for positive change in the family dynamic; how to deal with feelings of disappointment, anger and grief; and how to find forgiveness and higher purpose in their relationships with parents and siblings. LaLicata reveals, “Through awareness and skill, relationships can be wonderful opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, all in the service for everyone to live richer, wiser, more fulfilling lives.”

For more information and to purchase tickets, call 480-820-2026 or visit See ad, page 7.

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