Everyone Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is based on the vitalistic philosophy of innate intelligence that allows and guides the body to heal itself when the nervous system is free of interference. By removing this nervous system interference, chiropractic facilitates the highest level of health possible.

The typical chiropractic patient is 18 to 64 years old, of which 60 percent are female and 40 percent male. Additionally, children often seek chiropractic care for general health reasons, as well as for specific issues. For example, scoliosis and related complaints make up approximately 2.7 million chiropractic patient visits each year. Another group of the population, seniors, make up approximately 12 to 17 percent of most chiropractic practices.

Everyone can benefit from a nervous system free of interference. Chiropractic offers an ideal approach to wellness for anyone with the intent and willingness to heal who also appreciates a drugless and surgery-free approach to health.

Dr. Lee Ann Kalaba operates Be Now Chiropractic, utilizing a gentle approach to chiropractic in Torque Release Technique. For more information, call 520-484-3471.

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