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Robyn Landis

Nourish U​ — Bodyfueling



As a certified fitness trainer, health coach, author, speaker and “joyful self-care inspiration”, Robyn Landis helps people become unstoppable in “fueling” the body and life they yearn for. Her unique approach helps clients step decisively into core healthy practices and make their own nourishment a joyful choice and priority—for energy, strength and peace of mind.

With two best-selling books and a third on the way, numerous nationally-published articles, media appearances and 25 energetic years of walking her talk, Landis has helped hundreds of thousands of people overcome confusion, overwhelm and resistance to healthy living.

Landis synthesizes proven essentials—and ignites powerful motivation to use them with her unique Conscious Inspiration approach. “You get clear, confident and at peace about what’s nourishing—and a body that’s nurtured for everything you want to do, today and into your long life,” she says.

She offers individual and group coaching, including NOURISH U: The Joyful Self-Care Success System—9 Weeks to Happier Healthy Habits and a Fully-Charged Life. This is streamlined, hype-free training in what really works and matters most—supported by research and experience.

Landis expertly and compassionately supports clients in: giving themselves what they need to be nourished—naturally—for energy, strength and amazing aging; putting nourishing practices and structures in place to create their own signature healthy-living blueprint; cutting through the fog of conflicting headlines and distractions; and getting the deep, juicy self-inspiration that will move them to act on what they know—happily

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