Change Your Waking Life with Dreamcatcher Dream Groups

Helen Landerman

How could we channel a poem, a painting, a piece of music? Solve a problem? Communicate with a dead or faraway loved one? Get help with a decision? Remember a dream. Helen Landerman facilitates Dreamcatcher Dream Groups, which help participants understand their dreams and use the messages we receive while sleeping during our waking life.

Sigmund Freud brought our attention to the importance of dreams, and his student and colleague Carl Jung gave us a body of knowledge furthering the exploration of dreams and the map of the psyche. Montague Ullman gave up private psychotherapy practice and dedicated the last three decades of his life to dream sharing groups, devising a method which promotes order and safety in a group setting.

Jeremy Taylor first discovered the power of dream groups when, as a young social worker, he was able to resolve and transform a complex racial situation with the help of group dream work. He dedicated the rest of his life to traveling and giving workshops, to persuade people to form groups and work their dreams using certain guidelines. Landerman is a student and follower of Taylor, continuing his vision of forming and facilitating dream groups.

“Dream groups stimulate our dream recall. They help us to track our evolving personal archetypes. Capturing your dreams, and then reading them aloud and receiving others’ projections, can pay off rich dividends,” says Landerman.

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