Computer Sick? Call the Doctor

Don Gibbens

Don Gibbens, of GE Computing, has been in business servicing computers since 1984. He started servicing computers because his wife wanted her computer to do something it wouldn’t do. As Gibbens worked with it, he found he had an aptitude for working with computers, and has enjoyed helping others get everything they need out of their systems since.

GE Computing is featuring the following services: Cleanup-Speedup-Update (eliminate viruses, malware and junk and update), As Good As New (completely refurbish a used system), Better Than New (purchase a new or refurbished system, then bring it up to date to one’s preferences), Data Dump (remove all personal information) and Safely Recycle (eliminate everything on computer, make it safe to recycle, then recycle the system).

Gibbens finds that almost all computers need to have what he calls the Cleanup-Speedup-Update Service. “Almost always, we can increase a system’s speed by 15 to 25 percent. This lowers your frustration rate, and increases your productivity,” he says. Older systems can usually be salvaged, as long as they don’t have a hardware problem, he says.

GE Computing helps those who are getting rid of computers as well. “If you want to give the system to a friend or relative, we can do a Data Dump Service to remove your personal information,” Gibbens explains. “If you want to dispose of the system, we can do a Safely Recycle Service, eliminating everything and then recycling the system for you.”

For more information, call 520-332-1485, email or visit See ad, page 39.

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