Optimal Health Programs at WellnessFirst!

Zach Saber

We’ve all learned over the years of the problems with the foods we eat, that food is medicine, that we are what we eat and what we eat affects our day to day life. Due to the damage that is being done and recognizing that lifestyle and food habit changes help us to make healthier choices in all parts of life, Transformational Medicine has introduced the Transformations 360 Program.

This program assists us in healing: gut health, digestive absorption issues, vitamin deficiencies, liver/gallbladder problems, adrenal insufficiency, growth hormone deficiency, food intolerances/sensitivities, as well as joint and muscle inflammation. “This is all science-based from an extensive questionnaire completed by you,” explains owner of Transformational Medicine, Zach Saber, who is board-certified in Holistic Mental Health and a myofascial release expert. “Give us six weeks to educate you, to support you, to help you make the changes to your lifestyle and gut health that will help you. The added benefits are weight loss, brain power improvement, improved energy and happiness.”

Each program is individualized, so clients may start anytime they’d like. A more extensive program, Energetix, is also available. This six-month program provides help to those that have more chronic health conditions to resolve. Saber offers support, education and guidance for as long as clients require it.

Location: 3861 N. 1st Ave., Tucson. For more information, call 520-209-1755, email SaberLMP@aol.com or visit TFMND.com. See ad, page 3.

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