Kate’s Magik Introduces Monthly Natural Perfume Subscription

Kate’s Magik has announced the launch of The Bastet Perfume Society, a monthly natural perfume subscription. Each month, members of the Bastet Perfume Society will receive a 3 mL bottle of an exotic, masterfully-crafted natural perfume. Due to the pure nature of plant-based perfumes, they are not only deliciously fragrant, beautifying and seductive, but they also carry medicinal and therapeutic qualities that support body, mind and spirit.

“I have spent this past year studying, sourcing and acquiring a collection of notably rare and exotic ingredients—some of which cost more per gram than gold. With the Bastet Perfume Society, there will be blends that move you to the core, transport you to hidden, mystical worlds or evoke deep and possibly unexpected emotions,” says founder Kate Becker, who has 15 years of experience as a therapeutic, natural perfumer.

Working with the pure essences of plants, flowers, fruits, seeds, roots, resins, woods and barks from all over the world has been one of the most fulfilling, joyful experiences of Becker’s life. “If you find a blend you love, a full-size Roll-On will be available for purchase, and members will receive a $10 credit toward the larger size,” she adds.

For more information, visit KatesMagik.com.

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