Mythbuster: Epsom Salts Pull Toxins From The Body

common misconception is that Epsom salts in a bath will pull toxins from the body. However, that’s not how it works. It is important to know that there are only six ways for a human to eliminate toxins: through the skin, by urinating, by defecating, through breath (voice), through tears and through spit/vomiting. When we soak in a normal bath of Epsom salts, the salts will help to relax the muscles, and if essential oils and botanicals are added to the salts, that will help in several healing processes as well.

The heat from the water opens the pores of the skin and allows the salts and botanicals into the body’s system. However, unless one is able to steadily control the temperature of the water, it will soon cool off and the action of the salts will stop.

In a sensory deprivation tank (flotation tank), the temperature is controlled to between 94 and 95.5 degrees, and a person floats in 800 pounds of pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt. This process allows for deeper absorption into the body’s system through the heat of the water, and helps to speed up the metabolism.

It’s through the metabolism that the body detoxes faster than normal. Nothing of significance is drawn out through the skin during the session, but after the session is over, metabolism speeds up and the detox process begins. This is why it is suggested to drink a lot of water after a float session.

Kalyn Wolf is the owner of Cloud Nine Flotation Center and has been involved in the healing arts as an energy and sound healer since 1978. Involved in Flotation Therapy for over 30 years, she is a best-selling author and regularly gives classes on intentional breathing and grounding. Connect at 520-668-4017, or

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