Hormone Replacement Pellets Available at Tula Wellness

Tula Wellness and Aesthetics is now offering hormone replacement pellets. Dr. Arianna Sholes-Douglas had been skeptical about using pellets for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for years, but after hearing patients rave about how great they felt while they were on their pellets, she tried them herself and finally understood why. Pellets are just another way to take HRT, and the bio-identical hormone dose is customized for each patient.

For women, estrogen and testosterone are the most common hormones. These hormones help to reduce the symptoms related to hormone imbalance including hot flashes, night sweats, low energy and low libido. Testosterone is great for increasing motivation, energy and strength and is a frequently overlooked drug as an essential hormone for women.

First, bloodwork to measure hormones is obtained to determine the patient’s baseline. Insertion of pellets is painless. A small trochar is used to insert pellets into the upper buttocks. Patients typically will feel the hormones take effect in two weeks. Four to six weeks after insertion, bloodwork is reevaluated to make sure levels are appropriate. For women, the pellets' effect can last for three to four months. For male patients, pellets can last up to five to six months. The downside is that once pellets are inserted, they generally cannot be removed. If you are tired of troches, creams and patches, pellets may be a wonderful option. 

Location: 2404 E. River Rd., Ste. 251, Tucson. For more information, call 520-577-1129, email Info@TulaWellnessMD.com or visit TulaWellnessMD.com. See ad, page 2. 

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