Shamanic Journeying with Lynne Namka

With 25 years of experience, Lynne Namka offers shamanic journeying to clients in the Tucson area. American shamanism is a set of ancient healing practices to engage the soul by invoking Spirit and guides. In an altered state of consciousness, one goes on a spiritual journey to travel in other dimensions where healing work can be accomplished and resolve issues of the soul.

Shamanistic work may involve doing an extraction of a negative energy that doesn’t belong in a person and then calling in higher energies of the highest vibration for healing. Namka can release entities, ghosts or other non-physical beings. “With the help of your guides, we can reclaim your personal power by cutting cords from people who steal your energy,” explains Namka. “I can help recalibrate your four major energy gates to decrease excess energy rushing to the head, creating racing thoughts and anxiety.”

With Divine Guidance, she can remove shame energies that came with sexual or physical abuse and integrate dissociated child parts. Namka does past life regression and healing to address issues in clients’ current lives. According to her, shamanism is not a psychological process but complements psychotherapy to help achieve one’s highest healing.

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