Spiritual Energy Transformation with Johanna Alley

At Spiritual Energy Transformation, owner Johanna Alley offers clients various modalities in one session to begin the body, mind and spiritual healing journey that the Higher Vibrational Energies know are needed. “Reiki, quantum, crystal, pendulum, Guides, angels, past life? Which one will give the answers to life’s purpose?” Alley questions. “There is no need to waste time and money trying all of these individually when the insights may be awakened in an all-inclusive session.”

“Our people and planet are suffering on many different levels and many have been born into this life now to bring healing and raise the vibration to take us into the fifth dimension of Love,” explains Alley. “But too many find themselves stuck, directionless, angry and depressed because they do not realize their purpose in this much larger picture. From the quantum matrix comes insights from Guides, Angels, past lives, family and friends from the other side, other dimensions and even other star systems.”

Spiritual Energy Transformation taps into this matrix of quantum entanglement to open the door to this reality and show the way to a more fulfilling self-actualized life within the loving energy signature each of us came here to hold, project and teach.

Location: 1635 E. Lind Rd., Tucson. For more information, call 520-370-1306, email JWAlley@protonmail.ch or visit JohannaAlley.com.

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