Thinking Bigger

While strolling through one of our local shops, I came upon a homespun, artsy sign that caught my attention. It boldly proclaimed, “Fishermen don’t lie—they just think bigger.”

I chuckled, being a terrific fisherman, and then thought, “What a wonderful message that is!” It reminded me of what happens with many of us who come and hear the empowering messages in New Thought and Unity churches. We find ourselves among a group of individuals who are learning to “think bigger”—to think in a more expansive way about the Divine Presence, about life and about ourselves.

We are learning to think bigger. Here we can choose to believe that the One Divine Presence is everywhere, present all of the time, regardless of appearances. We can choose to believe that this One Power is the only power, that every form of power present in the universe is Spirit expressing.

These are bigger ideas about God than many of us have ever had before. Here we can choose to believe that God indwells us with Its very presence, and empowers us to continue the creative process by our power of thought and belief. “It is done unto us as we believe.”

These are bigger ideas about ourselves than many of us have ever had before. Here we support one another in knowing that we are alive, beautiful, loving, powerful, happy, wise, prosperous and whole, for these are qualities of Spirit, and Spirit is present in and as us.

Here we know we are not just salesmen, business people, artists, teachers or fishermen—we are terrific salesmen, business people, artists, teachers or fishermen. We are capable, successful, wonderfully aware, awake and alive expressions of Spirit. We cannot fail. 

Know it with us. Know how awesome God is—how wonderful life is—and how terrific you are. You are beautiful, you are precious and you are loved. You can depend on it.

Rev. Jerry Hooley is currently a member and part of the ministry team at Unity in the Valley, in Sahuarita. Next month he will begin facilitating an 8-week workshop based on his latest book, Spiritual Playfulness: Learn to Live Happy from the Inside Out. See ad, page 32. 

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