The Aging Neck: Prevention and Treatment

The neck is one of the most visible indicators of age and aging. Most people in sunny Tucson know that sunscreen should be worn to prevent ultraviolet radiation-associated sun burn/damage, but most either only apply when prolonged exposure is anticipated (when playing golf or sunbathing) or else apply only to the face.

Neglecting to daily protect the vulnerable neck tissues with sunscreen (minimum SPF 30) often results in loss of subcutaneous fat, visual prominence of vertical neck bands, horizontal neck rings, jowling along the jawline and excessive skin coarseness and looseness due to loss of collagen and elastin.

It is never too late to get in the habit of applying sunscreen before dressing so that the neck (front and back) and upper chest are still exposed and available for full coverage.

Treatment of the aging neck may not be a simple matter, and if surgery is not indicated or desired, a non-invasive modality to consider for skin laxity, jowls and neck bands is the Polydioxanone thread lift. The insertion of these non-permanent, absorbable sutures may provide a significant, immediate improvement with minimal bruising and downtime.

Dr. Suzanne Pear, RN, Ph.D., LE, COE is a Clinical Nurse Aesthetician at Pampered Skin Studio. Contact her for a complimentary consultation to feel good about your neck again. Connect at 520-400-8109, or See ad, page 21.

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