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Kill Germs this Season with CopperZap

Copper kills germs. That’s the unexpected conclusion of hundreds of scientific investigations since 2002. When copper physically touches disease germs, the germs die almost instantly. Many diseases can be prevented, and have been prevented, by proper use of copper. Hospitals have started using copper surfaces and have dramatically cut the spread of disease within the hospitals.

A Tucson company, CopperZap LLC, has taken this new knowledge and developed a device and technique that uses copper to stop colds and flu before they start. It has worked so well that they have sold thousands and taken many repeat orders for gifts. The device, called a CopperZap, is made of pure copper, because that works best against germs.

The CopperZap has a special shape to reach the spot in the nostril where viruses collect before they make us sick. Many users say the copper also stops cold sores and helps with sinus trouble and stuffiness. The tip and handle are designed for maximum protection when used in the nose or on hands and fingers. The fine texture increases surface area contact with bacteria, viruses and fungus, which are the types of microbes that die on contact with copper.

Copper kills many kinds of disease germs we might pick up when we touch things sick people have touched—even antibiotic-resistant germs such as MRSA. It is credited with saving many lives. CopperZaps can be taken aboard airlines, and many travelers say they have stopped getting sick after flying.

The CopperZap costs $69.95, but use the code CNEWS for $10 off each. It has a 90-day money-back guarantee and lasts a lifetime. It is important to follow the included directions for good results.

For more information, call 888-411-6114 or visit See ad, page 9.

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