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Fight Viruses with CopperZap


Copper kills viruses, bacteria and fungus and can be used to prevent illness on the skin and inside the nose. CopperZap is a personal tool that is a first line of defense against illness, which can prevent illness and stop it in its tracks.
Copper can defend against illness-causing microbes that are picked up on fingers and spread to the face and into the nasal cavity. When the germs begin to collect in the nose, copper can stop them in their tracks. It is used in the nose at the first sign of illness coming on, like a tickle in the nose.
More and more people are using CopperZap and reporting that they no longer get colds, even when they used to get them several times a year. People carry CopperZaps on planes to prevent sickness after airline travel. They use it in the nose after flying and frequently on the fingers and hands throughout the day.
The CopperZap can also be used for cold sores, warts, skin infections, sinus trouble and other ailments caused by microbes on or just under the skin. The product lasts forever.

For more information, call 1-888-411-6114, email [email protected] or visit See ad, page 31.

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