Holistic Horse Care Tips

Horses see themselves as prey, therefore they must be handled with calm, slow motions. They respond beautifully to Azmira flower remedies and homeopathy to lessen mental stress. Horses must be fed on a set schedule, with highest-quality hay/feed, since they are prone to colic. Their feet must be regularly attended to prevent hoof problems from crippling them. Due to colic (inflammation of bowels) and hoof/leg problems (inflammation of hoof wall and joints), Yucca Intensive is used with great success on horses.

Dr. Lisa S. Newman, Ph.D., founder and co-owner of Holistic Animal Care Shoppes, recommends supplementation twice daily with a mixture of a one-pound coffee can full of pellets, half a can of rolled barley and a quarter can of bran (this helps move sand out of their systems, a primary source of colic). Soaking the complete mixture in liquids introduces more fluid into their digestive tracts.

Per serving, add one Azmira Mega Pet Daily, 2000mg of Super C 2000 and 3 tablespoons of NaturFiber. If a horse is prone to hoof and leg problems, Newman recommends adding MSM and Yucca Intensive. Wait to feed this mixture until all the liquid has been absorbed, in which case the pellets will expand, so they must be broken apart with a strong cooking spoon. For nervous horses, add two B Complex-50 capsules. This mixture, in addition to alfalfa and grass hay (one pound of hay per 100 pounds of horse, per meal), will assure that your horse remains healthy and less prone to injury or disease.

For more information, call 520-886-1727, email Info@HolisticAnimalCareShoppes.com or visit HolisticAnimalCareShoppes.com. See ad, page 25.

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