The Cranial Wave, Spirit and Consciousness

At various times in our lives and for many reasons, we all experience stress or pain, be it physical or emotional. Getting to the heart of the issue takes focus, intention, desire and direction. Sometimes we have all the pieces except the direction. How do we direct our consciousness to experience relief?

Healers learn many modalities which are wonderful and useful tools. Creating a deeper connection with spirit and supporting our total energy field is an intentional alignment. It is our inherent birthright to use and apply our gifts and realign ourselves with a sense of peace and well-being. Having an expanded view of the Cranial Wave, Spirit and Consciousness and applying that awareness can help relieve stress so we can feel calm, clear and connected.

The Cranial Wave is an intelligent form of communication. This intelligence is more akin to feeling and might be called the life-stream of the spirit. It detects what the body needs and can be felt in meditation. Our cranial wave is driven by spirit. The cranial wave is the spirit’s electromagnetic field of energy, chi or prana, which governs the body and continues beyond physicality.

Spirit is the measurable electrical field of the body. It is a body of awareness, which is conscious. Some healers can see and connect with a portion of this holographic field of movement—of which we are all a part. Spirit is more than personality, wants and needs. We can expand and direct that field with our desire to feel that which is beyond our self-serving identity. As we open ourselves to this field of awareness, this offers direction from spirit—the energy one needs to feel calm, clear and balanced.

Consciousness is the Great Central Self which translates awareness and knows our personality attachments to all things. It observes and knows The Field. It transcends small self-awareness, beyond the instinctual programing or default setting of physicality. One’s emotional programing or personality identifies with thinking. It is designed to compartmentalize experience into increments, or time. Primarily, the way that we think creates a linear production of reality. We are more than the way that we think. Consciousness is presence and is more akin to feeling or movement. We are both receivers and transmitters for incoming and outgoing emanations.

The Field is the lighter portion of the body. It holds every electrical impulse of our psychological or emotional construction of reality. The Field determines the shape of the dense physical body or the coarser, weighted possibilities of thought. We can alter the body-mind, through spirit, when we expand consciousness. Many practitioners have committed their lives to this endeavor. There are many methods one can learn to feel more connected to an inner sense of well-being. Living a stress-free life allows us to feel the joy in living truly blessed.

Juliana Ashe was a licensed cosmetologist for over 20 years and is trained in various techniques of healing. For more information on Ashe’s hands-on or hands-above gentle method of transferring energy to lift your mood and relieve stress, email, visit or call 520-639-6080 to schedule an appointment.

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