Qigong and the Energy Body

The energy body and physical body exist as one and are joined with the Spiritual body. This energy body supplies most of what we need automatically, drawing from the air we breathe and the food and water we bring into our systems.

While the physical body has a very hard time after two or more days without food and water, the energy body can be trained to be so much more adept, that we almost don’t need to feed the physical one. The basic information of our cells is stored in this energy system. Expanding the energy body out brings this valuable knowledge to the structure of the body, inside and out.

Qigong is a simple life science that helps develop our being to embrace all life around us while solidifying our connection to that life. Embrace this lifelong practice that teaches one to connect and feel all the life force energy that surrounds us. The simple and slow movements direct this ocean of qi inward as our mind’s own awareness guides it. Open the energy body to embrace the physical body and return it to a healthy and balanced state.

Mark Frighetti teaches ZY qigong at Harmony Hut, 2467 N. Treat Ave., from 7 to 8:30 p.m. every Thursday. Connect at 520-404-8745, QigongMark@yahoo.com or Meetup.com/Tucson-ZY-Qigong-Meetup.

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