Qigong and Awareness

Where the mind goes, qi (chi) flows. This is a basic law of qi. When we are watching a sporting event, we are externally focused and are directing our qi outward. Our awareness is not within our being. To gather qi and center it within, our awareness needs to be focused inwardly. The energy body that surrounds and governs our physical body and internal organs is the reason we have good health. Run out of energy, run out of life.

Qigong practice sends qi into the energy body, as do the many thoughts we hold in our mind. Joy, love, and happy thoughts expand our energy body and the original blueprint we were born with. This directs our physical bodies to want to return to that healthy state.

Where are our thoughts and awareness focused? Smiling inwardly and enveloping the areas of the body that have become out of balance with good thoughts brings them back into a balanced state. Health improves, stamina, longevity and a happy emotional body all return with happy thoughts focused inward. Feeling our body, the beating of our heart, the inhale and exhale of our lungs, brings our awareness inward. Accepting all the sensations and allowing them to just be with simple acknowledgment does wonders for how we feel about ourselves. 

Qigong is a lifetime practice that teaches one to connect and feel all the life force energy that surrounds us. The simple and slow movements direct this ocean of qi inward as our mind’s own awareness guides it. Open the energy body to embrace the physical body and return it to a healthy and balanced state.

Mark Frighetti teaches ZY qigong at the Harmony Hut, 2467 N. Treat Ave., in Tucson, from 7 to 8:30 p.m., every Thursday. Connect at
520-404-8745, QigongMark@yahoo.com or ZYQigongAZ.com.

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