Achieve Resolutions with Body Wraps

The practitioners at Alternatives in Health Care Detox Therapy Spa offer many different ways to detoxify the body and achieve New Year’s resolutions—from nutritional and supplemental detoxes to ionic foot baths, a far infrared sauna and specialty body wraps. They are offering a “new client discount” of 10 percent off by visiting their website or mentioning this article when calling for a reservation.

“The wraps are specific to certain issues. If you want to burn away inches, a ‘fat wrap’ is right for you,” explains owner Debbie Shaw. “If cleansing the toxins from your body is your goal, then a unique detox wrap is your ticket. There are other wraps that concentrate on eliminating cellulite and other body image issues.”

Shaw says that the wraps at this spa are unique in several ways. “First, they are not dehydration wraps. They focus on stimulating muscles, improving circulation, picking up your metabolism, cleansing toxins from the system, warming the body and replenishing and nourishing the internal body,” she says. The spa uses all-natural products.

For more information, call 520-275-4510, email or visit See ad, page 35.

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