Synestry Readings for Couples this Valentine’s Day

Shivani Baker

Shivani Baker is offering Synestry Readings for couples in conjunction with Valentine’s Day. Baker has been an astrologer for over 30 years and often sees couples to examine both of their charts together, which is called synestry. “We put one chart in the center and the partner’s chart around that and look at the aspects between the two. I look at many things to see if there’s going to be harmony and longevity,” explains Baker, “but the first thing I look at is their moons, by sign and aspect. Our moons tell us how we feel safe and nurtured on a daily basis. If the moons are in the same element, such as Earth, even with no aspect between them, it tells me they approach tasks in a concrete, matter-of-fact way and are methodical and could probably live together. If their moons are not in at least complimentary elements (like Fire and Air) they may have a difficult time living together because little annoyances will become problematic.”

She will also look at the aspects between Mars (our masculine energy, anger and sexuality) and Venus (our feminine energy and sense of beauty and harmony). “For men, often they can be attracted to a women that has the qualities of their Venus sign. Let’s say a man has his Venus in Sagittarius, he may be attracted to a woman with Mars or Venus in that sign or another fire sign, or even Sagittarius Sun.” Likewise, the sign a woman’s Mars is in can show the type of partner to which she is attracted.

For more information and to schedule a reading. Call 413-313-5677 or email See ad, page 41.

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