Cannabis Corner:

Hindu Kush

Deep in the harsh climate of the Hindu Kush Mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan, the marijuana strain Hindu Kush was born.

Because this strain originated in such a strident environment, the plant developed a thick coating of crystal trichomes to protect itself. These crystals are honored and sought after by many marijuana horticulturists, hash developers in particular.

When smoking the flower, a sweet, earthy, sandalwood taste and aroma are present. Hindu Kush is used medically for alleviating stress and is a great strain to fight chronic pain. The strain is indica pure, meaning that it has a deep relaxation effect. It is used primarily for stress, pain relief, insomnia, depression and headaches. The overall effects include relaxation, sleepiness, happiness and euphoria.

The most notable negative effects of Hindu Kush are dry mouth and eyes and mild dizziness.

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