Counseling with Biobalance Integrated Wellness, LLC

Tina Buck

Since 1991, Tina Buck, Ph.D., a Licensed Professional Counselor and the CEO of Biobalance Integrated Wellness, LLC, has worked as a counselor in the areas of inpatient and outpatient addiction and dual-diagnosis, and has conducted mental health evaluations in institutional settings. She also has experience in the areas of clinical administration, supervision and training.

Buck’s training is in the area of Rehabilitation Counseling, a counseling field that emphasizes empowerment and functional wellness for people with disabling conditions. She has studied and followed trends in neurofeedback research and technology since 1993 and has gained extensive experience with neurofeedback in her own private practice. She is the national supervisor of distance home-based neurofeedback services using BrainPaint software.

In the Tucson area, Buck provides in-office neurofeedback services for adults, and supervises home use of BrainPaint software for children services. She is a strong advocate for neurofeedback to become a regular part of training for institutions such as in- and out-patient mental health settings, schools, corporate settings, athletic departments and first responders, military, veterans and their family members.

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