Santa Rita Springs Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Santa Rita Springs is celebrating its 10th anniversary of serving warm water immersions of various kinds, on January 19. The pool was finished in December 2006, but had to cure for 30 days before the water could be heated. “So, I took my rocking chair out there and babysat that pool for a chilly month, just watching the waterfall, adding plants and singing to the water, waiting for the sunrise,” explains Dorothy Richmond, Licensed Massage Therapist. “January 19 was the day we added salt and lit up the heater—finally. The scaffolding and building equipment was finally gone, the room filled up with steam, the music system played loud and clear and my dreams came true.”

Richmond had fallen in love with aquatic massage in 1999 at Harbin Hot Springs, at Elaine Marie’s Watsu 100 for Women class. “Canyon Ranch had completed its Aquatic Center and I joined the staff offering aquatic massage, where I began to really see the profound relief of warm water therapy. Guests with severe chronic pain told of instant relief, just entering the pool,” enthuses Richmond. “The gentle stretches and flowing movement in a womb-like environment brought tears of joy to grown men and women. Some said they felt reborn in a way that no other massage method could give.”

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