Marketing Consulting Advice from Theresa Mary Fischer

Theresa Mary Fischer, owner of TMF Marketing Consulting, is providing low-cost marketing consultation for the Natural Awakenings community to help them grow their businesses. Fischer is a competent, results-driven and innovative professional with over 20 years of marketing success by building strategies that align with organizational visions, missions and business objectives.

“If you are a small and growing business, you do not likely have a huge marketing budget yet,” says Fischer. “For the price of $100 plus lunch at a Tucson location with WiFi, meet with me and brainstorm great marketing ideas that you can execute. We will also review what you should and should not be doing with your time and marketing dollars to help grow your business.”

Fischer’s expertise includes key messaging, target market development, branding, event strategy and planning and discerning appropriate traditional and new media tactics to reach target markets. She continuously serves as a trusted advisor for business executives on strategy and growth.

For more information, call 520-265-2659 or email

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