Protect Pets from Parvo and Distemper

The Holistic Animal Care Shoppe provides education, support, prevention and reversal of pet disease, such as Parvo and Distemper. In the last three months, they have had several customers come in with one or both diagnoses, more so than in the past four years. To help protect pets, consider Dr. Lisa Newman’s Holistic Animal Care LifeStyle.

For over 30 years, this has been veterinarian-approved and supported. Although Newman herself is not a veterinarian, her years of training in natural solutions to disease, and a Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition, helped lay the foundation for her pioneering work in the field of natural pet care. It is now reported by long-term, satisfied followers.

Step one begins the animal’s return to wellness quickly, often within days, as Azmira’s homeopathic D’Toxifier cleanses the liver and kidneys. As Newman teaches, “a majority of symptoms begin with a toxic reaction.” Followed by a change to a healthy, natural diet, animals begin to rebound quickly. Holistic Animal Care Shoppe carries several top quality brands, including Azmira’s 20-plus-years-proven pioneering brand, tested and used by Newman and staff.

Step two involves the use of Mega Pet Daily, Super C 2000 and Garlic Daily Aid. Mega Pet Daily, a multivitamin which provides therapeutic levels of vitamin B complex, protects the nervous system from fevers—especially with distemper. Super C 2000, providing additional vitamin C, can be adjusted as needed, for stimulating immune response. Garlic Daily Aid (well-known and trusted) is an anti-pest/septic/viral/bacterial/fungal and anti-carcinogen. These three remedies work synergistically to enhance the body’s own ability to address, but most importantly, prevent and reverse, its own “dis-ease” prior to becoming an expensive, serious, chronic condition, cancer or worse.

Step three is when the use of homeopathic remedies and flower essences stimulate the body’s response, while herbal and nutraceutical supplements support the animal’s own curative process. Thus, they quickly, and more completely, regain physical and mental wellness—as nature intended.

Other herbal and nutraceutical supplements to address Parvo and Distemper include, but are not limited to: Viral D’tox, Yucca Intensive and MSM, available at Holistic Animal Care Shoppes.

Brittney Penn, General Manager of Holistic Animal Care Shoppes and Azmira’s Director of Educational Services, is a trusted associate of Dr. Lisa Newman’s since 2012. Connect at 520-886-1727 or See ad, page 33.

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