Investigate Symptoms of Potential Food Sensitivities

Using functional lab work and health coaching, Kristina Olivarez, a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner at Levity Floatation and Wellness Center, has a deep passion for getting to the root cause of symptoms that may be due to food/chemical sensitivities. Once these sensitivities are identified, she works on a protocol with clients to get health back on track. Readers who mention Natural Awakenings when calling receive a free in-depth consultation.

“Many chronic health complaints such as digestive problems, headaches, joint and muscle pain or fatigue are all symptoms which can be caused by our immune system’s reaction to foods, additives or other substances in our diets, as well as chemicals in the environment,” explains Olivarez. “Even ‘healthy’ foods like broccoli, carrots, spinach and many more can cause inflammation, and these sensitivities can develop suddenly and accumulate over time.”

The following symptoms may be associated with food sensitivities: digestive complaints, nasal/sinus issues, muscle and joint pain, general malaise, emotional unbalance, skin problems and weight management.

Due to her own healing path, Olivarez has discovered penetrating tools to help. She takes a holistic approach and works to seek out, identify and correct the underlying causes and conditions that led to a person’s main health complaints.

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