Kactus Kush Farms

Kactus Kush Farms was born from a desire to help people improve their lives. They wanted to create a safe and informative space for people to talk about hemp and cannabis, to ask the questions that are important to them, and create and bring top quality hemp derived CBD products into the marketplace for optimal healing. All products are grown and produced right here in our beautiful state of Arizona.

“When people get the relief they are looking for, they are amazed,” says Brooke Boshears. “They are surprised that a plant-based product gives them the healing they need. We get customers who just want relief from the pills. Their bodies have built up tolerances and they just want to try something new. Plant medicine works.”

Kactus Kush CBD is a boutique-style shop, offering tinctures, capsules, edibles, topicals, vapes and premium flower. The different modes of delivery allow customers to choose which form of CBD works best for them. They are seeing people get relief from anxiety, sleep disorders, pain, inflammation and more. The repeat customer is their goal. “If people are coming back in and sharing their CBD stories with us, and buying more, we have done our job,” says Brandon Wood.

Kactus Kush offers 20 percent off for first-time customers; no medical card needed. They are located at 3455 E. Speedway, in Tucson. For more information, call 520-838-0487 or visit KactusKushCBD.com. See ad, page 36.

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