Our Connection with All Life

After moving from California to Arizona, a woman was feeling especially lonely and sad one morning. Her husband was gone for a couple of days on a business trip and she still didn’t know too many people in Tucson, so she was missing her friends and family. Change is difficult, even though we know it is the best decision possible. It does take time to adjust to a new life—a new way of doing things.

She stepped outside on her patio, a place of peace and beauty as it blended with the lovely desert plants and flowers. As she admired the view, a small red male house finch landed beside her. She greeted him with joy and he looked up at her, cocking his little head to one side. He didn’t fly away, as most birds do almost immediately. She asked him if he was okay, because most birds don’t act this way. He just continued looking at her. She asked him, “Would you like to sing HU (hue)?”

HU is an ancient name for God. When HU is sung with love, it opens the heart. The woman closed her eyes and sang HU for a few moments. The little finch stayed right with her. Grateful for his presence, she leaned down and asked him if she could touch his head. Slowly, she lowered a finger toward him and gently touched the top of his little head—a magic moment.

That connection with this little finch was a bond of love—a bond we can discover with all life if we allow it. The little bird was her companion for about 10 minutes. The Holy Spirit brought this loving presence into her world. Spirit works with everyone in the way that they individually can best understand it, and always for our benefit.

When she went back in her house, she was completely transformed. The loneliness and sadness that had filled her had completely been replaced with love, peace and joy. Singing HU and the presence of the house finch opened her heart to divine love and the healing it brings.

Enjoy singing HU yourself, anytime, anywhere, out loud or silently. If you would like to experience singing HU with a group, please come to a Sound of Soul event, from 2 to 3 p.m., June 15, at Morris Udall Recreation Center, 7200 E Tanque Verde Rd, Tucson. Connect at 1-877-300-4949, Info@EckankarArizona.org or HearHU.org.

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