Transformational Floating Program Helps Brains

Cloud Nine Flotation is developing a free program for its members who have made the decision to go from casual floating to a practice of floating. The program, called Transformational Floating, helps each member discover how they are doing on their goals of transformation, through monthly checks.

As we develop from the womb to the tomb, we are always in some kind of brain wave state. The four most common states are Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. From birth through about our fourth year, we are always in Delta—somewhere between sleeping and bliss. Unless a baby/toddler is in physical distress, they are usually pretty blissed out. In this brain wave state we develop our core belief system that carries us through the rest of our life.

“Delta is one state. Those in the program will also go through all the other states (eight levels) from the instinctive self through the holistic self in the areas of cognition, emotional, interpersonal, moral, basic needs, self/ego and spiritual efforts,” explains Kalyn Wolf, Owner/Operator at Cloud Nine Flotation.

“New discoveries about the brain have shown us that if we want to change our lives, we need to change our thoughts, and the best way to change our thoughts is by being in the brain wave state where we developed them in the first place: Delta. We can get to Delta in sleep, meditation and floating,” explains Wolf. “We are exposed to about 400 million bits of information to process daily. Our brains cannot experience it all and what we can’t process becomes unresolved energy which leaves a residue. Floating clears away that residue, and creates space to process what’s important.”

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