LaStone Therapy Available in Tucson

Mary Nelson, Founder of LaStone

A LaStone session allows participants to experience the potential of healing spurred by the full range of geothermal therapy, coupled with toning, crystals and energy work. Blending the healing energies of Reiki with the therapeutic principles of LaStone Therapy, the caregiver is able to enhance the therapeutic and spiritual benefits that clients experience tenfold. A LaStone session with Mary is like taking a week’s vacation in only three hours. You leave her office feeling renewed, rejuvenated and ready to face life on all levels.

Mary Nelson, founder of LaStone Therapy, states, “Chilled stones are 80 times more powerful than a heated stone.’’ She teaches that the cold stones are the deep healing activators, and the hot stones support the body through the healing process. Indeed, the duality/polarity of both extreme temperatures are needed.

The heated and chilled stones allow the client to receive the full benefits of the energy being offered. The simple method of feeling cradled by Mother Earth with her warm stones and refreshed with the cool stones allows the recipient to move into a deeper sedated state of consciousness more smoothly and lasts longer than traditional energy sessions.

Private sessions with Mary cost $150 for 2-3 hours. Location: 6761 N. Harran Dr., Tucson. For more information call 520-400-9364.

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