New Faces at Genesis

Genesis Natural Medicine Center, in Tucson, has added three new members to the staff in order to provide clients with the highest quality treatments available, under the supervision of Naturopathic Physician Michael Uzick, NMD, FABNO, a fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology.

Yvonne Esker, LMTYvonne Esker, LMT, is a nationally certified massage therapist and an active member of ABMP. She has studied the Mammasage/Lymphatic Massage techniques under the tutelage of Daya Fisch, of The Breast Health Project. Esker trained in lymphatic drainage at the Ishman BodyCare Center & Institute. She is highly skilled in integrating other specific modalities for therapeutic massage.

Sarah Spieth, MAPCS, RYT, is a registered yoga instructor whose compassionate training enriches her colon hydrotherapy practice. Colon hydrotherapy not only hydrates the whole body and intestinal tract, but it empowers the body to function more efficiently, clearing toxicity and mucoid plaque. Spieth’s clients achieve dramatic results; they report having more energy, clearer skin, improved Sarah Spieth, MAPCS, RYTdigestion, sounder sleep and a more efficient metabolism.

Maryann Tully, LAC, received her acupuncture certification at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in San Francisco. She has also trained in Acutonics, a system integrating sound healing with the Chinese meridian system to deeply influence the flow of vital energy for healing and optimal wellness. Tully is gifted in combining the natural sciences with Traditional Chinese Medicine, achieving powerful, yet gentle results.

Maryann Tully, LACLocation: 3920 N. Campbell, Tucson. For more information call 520-495-4400 or visit

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