People and Pets Launches New Website

People and Pets LLC just launched its new website for customers’ convenience, and to celebrate the grand launching of the website, they’re offering 10 percent off online orders, now through the month of March. People and Pets is an herbal hygiene company passionate and dedicated to developing products formulated from the highest quality ingredients that are safe for people, their children and their pets.

The business is an up-and-coming local Tucson company that started their journey following an endless frustration with finding personal hygiene products containing no harsh and harmful chemicals. They recognized the need for healthier options. They also offer a unique option to customize their products’ ingredients–great for those with allergies and sensitivities. Products can be purchased online. For 10 percent off, use code “10% off” at checkout.
Our products are made with purest ingredients, so they’re safe for you, your kids and pets,” says Larry Flynn. “Our products are for people, but we make products that are safe for pets, too. Many are tired of seeing products not safe for our pets, when they rely on us as well as our kids to make good decisions for them.

For more information, call 520-488-9515, email or visit See ad, page 17.

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