Gourmet Girls Expand Their Product Line

Long known in Tucson for their gluten-free sweet and savory treats and meals, the Gourmet Girls Gluten-Free Bakery/Bistro has recently added new products to their offerings. Susan Fulton and Mary Steiger are now showcasing an array of vegan goodies and breads.

The new items include a tantalizing selection of cupcakes, including their signature carrot cake and chocolate raspberry cake. Also on the menu are muffins, brownies and bundt cakes. For those skipping the sweets, there are new vegan sandwich breads, pretzel rolls, ciabatta rolls and take-home pizza crusts. Meals in the dining room can also be customized to cater to vegan guests.

“Along with the growing need to remove gluten from the diet, many diners are finding it necessary or desirable to avoid dairy and egg products as well, so we want to be sure we can serve their needs too,” explains Steiger. “We are also sensitive to those wishing to avoid animal products for philosophical reasons” says Fulton.

Due to popular demand, the girls are also experimenting with some low-sugar baked goods, which will be debuted and tested in the very near future.

For more information, call 520-408-9000, email Gourmet.Girls@live.com or visit GourmetGirlsGlutenFree.com. See ad, page 27. 

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