Nontraditional Bodywork with the Empathic Jennifer Beard

Jennifer Beard was trained at the Desert Institute of Healing Arts in 1990 and has worked professionally as a nontraditional bodyworker in Tucson since then. Her empathic abilities allow her to feel all the sore spots, including the ones clients don’t know about. Beard’s focus is to ease tension by opening chronic painful stuck areas, creating energetic flow and structural balance. Her comfortable home office is conveniently located near Speedway and Craycroft. As many issues require more than one session, Beard is currently extending a special offer for new clients of three sessions for $175.

This nontraditional bodywork is therapeutic and detailed in nature. It cleanses the body of stress, muscle tension and may include musculoskeletal realignment. This is a technique used to adjust hips and shoulders, but may also include the neck, knees and ankles to create structural balance.

“I combine many modalities and intuitively design each session to create the most effective therapeutic treatment for you,” explains Beard. “During your session it’s important to relax your mind and body by taking slow, deep breaths. Creating a heaviness by sinking yourself into the table allows any tension you may have to ease.”

For more information, call 520-906-8136 or visit See ad, page 33.

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