The Art of Singing

Rudolf Steiner, out of his inexhaustible fountain of kindness, said these words: “If people would sing more, especially more correctly, there would be less crime.”

The “how” of the true art of singing—one suited to the present and pointing toward the future—is revealed in those words. The “how” of the school itself is all important. The “how” of this school lies in becoming aware of a reality that stands above the earthly, where the exalted cause of all sensible tone manifestations are weaved and worked.

Then, there is an inner transformation that takes place in the human being, lifting life into positive and constructive expressions. Religious, spiritual, scientific and artistic form an organic wholeness, mutually supporting one another.

This school for singing can only reveal what is already present in each human being. It sees the activity of singing as coming forth from the whole being, not as something coming solely from the physical organs, but also something that penetrates completely and can only be prevented from appearing by physical hindrances. This is the reason that this school is not only artistic, but also therapeutic.

Oftentimes, students, especially those that are convinced they have no talent, discover capacities which had been quite hidden.

When the impulse to sing is deeply felt, Sarah’s School for Speech and Song has a method, inspired by The School of Uncovering the Voice, to give birth to everyone’s perfect voice. For more
information and updated events, visit

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