Transcendence in Healing

We have all known and been inspired by individuals in very difficult circumstances, showing great emotional strength and gratitude. After experiencing near fatal injuries, living with terminal illness diagnosis or caring for loved ones with aging needs, these people looked past their situation and saw they had more to give. They had faith and believed in the goodness that surrounded them; they would not be limited by their physical existence. They transcended suffering and were driven by their own will to educate others, bringing awareness to the value of each day and spreading love, light and understanding to the world.

These abilities of graciousness can be seen in ordinary people and make anyone a believer in optimism and positive thinking. By listening to the circumstances they have overcome, we can become aware of their innate power—and our own. These individuals’ ability to change is inspiring. It may seem like a struggle, and it may take years, but it takes one single change to guide us on a new path of wellness.

We must all work to understand our truth. Are we serving our greater good by living with pain, struggling with anxiety or beating ourselves up over things we cannot control? Does our body long for balance, pleasure and unconditional love? Do we want something better for ourselves and our family, or our friends? What do we really want?

We can choose to have strength and focus, to transcend our circumstance. Be the light and inspiration for yourself and others. Believe in the healing powers of nature.

Aimee Gregorie Bachelier, ND has an eclectic medical education that brings a unique perspective to all your healthcare needs. The idea of house calls may be foreign, but it is a much sought after alternative to many with busy lives, young children, aging needs and disabilities. Connect at 520-909-0703, or See ad, page 36.

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