Beauty, Sweetness and Sound

Ever experienced a moment of stillness when observing something beautiful? The mind just stops and the heart softens. This could happen through viewing a piece of art, a lovely animal or a dazzling sunset. In that moment when we are absorbed by what we’re viewing, often the mind empties, emotions calm and we forget ourselves completely. A brief “vacation” from the ego/self occurs, giving us respite from our fears, doubts and daily distractions.

Sound—be it music, the human voice or from nature—also has this possibility of stopping us in our tracks. As a result, the heart may open and a sweetness can be experienced as well. Long ago, Tibetan Buddhists realized that sound has tremendous potential for transforming human consciousness. They created metal alloy singing bowls, lovingly created by hand, while chanting Sanskrit mantras. They also incorporated gongs, drums, bells and more to enrich and stimulate the sound experiences offered.

Being bathed in acoustic sound and vibration, by a living human playing man-made instruments, offers an opportunity to experience this beauty and sweetness. Recordings (digital or analog) can come close, but will never be the same. There is something that happens when we are physically present with each other, creating in the moment. Our hearts “meet” and our senses are activated to function at their highest purpose, which is to raise our consciousness.

Danielle Dvorak is a lifelong, classically-trained musician, who is also highly trained and certified in Tibetan Sound Healing, reiki, yoga, aromatherapy, End of Life Mentoring and more. She offers group events and private sessions incorporating these modalities. Connect at 847-323-9188, or See ad, page 35.

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