Go Eco-Friendly with Lotus Interior Designs

Michelle Gust, owner of Lotus Interior Designs, in Tucson, loves all aspects of interior design, from the construction of the building to the finishing touches. The Lotus team is skillful at advising or handling the details of all sizes and types of home renovation projects in eco-friendly ways, and can be brought in to facilitate small and large projects and everything in between.

The Lotus team enjoys kitchen and bathroom remodels in addition to other parts of the house, choosing eco-friendly floors and repurposing furniture pieces and family heirlooms. Kitchens and bathrooms are used daily and must have function and style. These two rooms tend to be challenging to design for the average home owner, and extra guidance through the process is often helpful. Cabinets can be repurposed with a variety of materials. Renewable resource countertops can be utilized such as paper stone made from recycled paper and cashew resin. Lighting can be repurposed. A countertop can be chosen that doesn’t contribute to depleting our natural resources.

Appropriate guidance is crucial as mistakes can be costly. There is a certain sequence that has to be followed to ensure the best results. During the renovation process, there’s an overwhelming amount of information and choices for home owners to wade through. The Lotus Team can help with the decision making process so that renovators find the right product for their needs.

For more information, call 520-331-6253 or email LotusInteriorDesigns@live.com. See ad, page 13.

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