Support Your Spiritual Journey with ZY Qigong

We are in a powerful awakening that is affecting us all. The process of facing and accepting the shadows within us, meditating and filling our hearts with love for all humanity lays the groundwork for a spiritual path. To wake up our consciousness, expand it and help lift humanity up as a whole, is not easy work. Grandmaster Mingtang Xu, lineage holder of ZY Qigong, says that many paths lead up the spiritual mountain and there are tests at higher levels that require diligence in order to keep moving forward.

“Often, after facing these tests, people simply turn around and go back down to circle the mountain to find a different path, only to find themselves facing the same tests again,” says Mark Frighetti, a certified teacher of ZY Qigong in Tucson. “I have gone around and circled the spiritual mountain myself enough times to have possibly climbed the summit a number of times.”

Frighetti, who teaches levels 1 and 2 of ZY Qigong, has been teaching since 2005. “ZY Qigong is a very old system that is proven to help you to move forward on your journey. Level 1 lays the groundwork to provide a solid base, and regular classes offer additional support.”

Location: Desert Milagros, 3438 N. Country Club, Tucson. For more information, call 520-404-8745 or visit

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