Dr. Lydia Isenberger

Lydia Isenberger

Dr. Lydia Isenberger offers an extensive array of services to promote health and well-being and to address issues of daily life such as finances, romance, career and health. Isenberger is a trans-medium clairvoyant who has practiced holistic healing for many years in the U.S., South America and Europe. She is available for Psychic Parties and social events, as well as private sessions and classes.

Isenberger is certified as a Reiki Master, master NLP practitioner, master clinical hypnotherapist, master success strategist and master life coach. She is also an interdenominational minister. She has produced many seminars and training directed to releasing the awareness of the creative power contained in the individual, and has appeared on national and international radio and TV shows. She’s written two manuals on reiki, one on Quan Yin Reiki and one on Usui-Mayan Shamanism Reiki. Quan Yin Reiki is a newly discovered form of reiki that re-introduces us to the goodness of our own personal power by connecting us with the loving energy of Quan Yin. Mayan Reiki is the combination of two wonderful philosophies: The Tibetan Usui hands-on healing and the Mayan Shamanic Jungle Medicine.

Isenberger is focused on providing the finest metaphysical services to our community, and from her own personal experience, her goal is to guide her clientele to achieve what they want in life. She welcomes the opportunity to provide the best service in the metaphysical, holistic and wellness industry.

For more information, call 424-257-7352, email LEIEnterprises125@gmail.com or visit ReikiMetaBooks.com.

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