Earth’s Healing Dispensary

Firmly Rooted in Quality and Great Customer Service

Earth’s Healing has risen to become one of the best dispensaries in the medical cannabis industry in Arizona. Voted Best Dispensary and Best Customer Service in 2017 and 2018 by Tucson patients, their mission is firmly rooted in quality, reliable medication at prices that patients can afford—with an extensive menu of laboratory-tested products to prove it. Flower is weighed and packaged at the time of purchase, and friendly, knowledgeable staff are in abundance.

Earth’s Healing boasts two locations, including a new north side locale for patients who can’t make the trek to Earth’s Healing South. In addition, for those who’d rather have their medication brought directly to their door, Earth’s Healing also delivers to qualifying Arizona patients.

A trip to one of Earth’s Healing’s dispensaries is well worth the drive. Waiting rooms are designed with comfort in mind—spacious interiors, softly lit and dotted with green accents, pleasing artwork and plush chairs that make the place feel professional yet friendly.

For products, patients can choose from more than 60 strains of flower, a complete line of edibles and their proprietary Earth Extracts brand, which includes the popular Earthvape oil cartridges. There are options that give patients an expanse of choices when deciding what method of treatment works for them.

For those who prefer products without THC—the psychoactive component of marijuana—Global Xtracts offers the highest quality, full spectrum, hemp-derived oil products, that are free of THC, solvents, heavy metals and pesticides and are independently certified for product purity. Global Xtracts is a line of non-psychoactive CBD products available only from Earth’s Healing in Tucson. The product line consists of Pain Relief Balm, Tinctures and Soft Gel Capsules.

Education is also key for Earth’s Healing, and new patients across the medical needs spectrum can count on having questions and concerns addressed by their experienced staff. The new patient education packet covers strains, side effects and delivery methods as well as other useful information.

Daily deals can be found at and seniors, veterans and students receive 10 percent off all regular priced purchases. Every new patient is eligible for a free gram or edible when they become members of the Earth’s Healing community, and for every dollar spent, a loyalty program tallies up rewards and store credit for returning patients.

A loyal customer base and ever-expanding properties are a testament to the success of Earth’s Healing’s brand. Perhaps even more than quality product and inviting waiting rooms, the dispensary’s knowledgeable staff have become favorites in the Tucson community. Like any medical professionals should, employees take extra care to fit every patient with treatment options that are well-suited to their lifestyle, budget and comfort level. And that—above all—is what sets Earth’s Healing above the pack.

Earth’s Healing Dispensary Locations: 
North - 78 West River Road • 520-395-1432
South - 2075 East Benson Hwy • 520-373-5779 See ad, page 31.

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