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Energy Boosters

No matter how crazy our days are, these four simple strategies will banish energy drains and increase our get-up-and go.

Singing the World Awake

Psychologist and musician Tom Kenyon shows us to how transform ourselves and the world by embracing sounds pitched to divine harmonies.

Midday Pick-Me-Up

If they’re planned properly and are not too long, naps during the workday can enhance our mental agility and productivity.

Dynamic Duo

Chiropractors throughout the country are finding that after they correct a patient’s structural problems with spinal manipulation, the use of acupuncture facilitates healing.

Sparking Creativity in Elders with Dementia

Creative activities can pierce the cloud of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, bringing smiles to elders and caregivers alike.

Summer Mini-Getaways

A getaway doesn’t have to last long to go deep. From train trips to retreat centers and green spas, a world of relaxation and renewal awaits us, close by home.

Essential Oils for Summer

Bothersome summer maladies can be easily and beautifully healed with the right essential oils.

The Bionic Coach

Almost three in four exercisers today use technology such as phone apps to support their fitness routines—and still surging innovation ensures that the number will grow.

Contraceptive Pill Chill

Earlier bad news about the Pill grows worse with new evidence that it contributes to nutrient depletion, which fast-forwards disease and aging.

Good Riddance to Bad Vibes

The Wi-Fi and cell phone fields that surround us are proven to interfere with sleep and health, but there are creative ways to limit our exposure.