Rethink Cancer Healing

with Patti Thompson

At Sage Path Therapy, Patti Thompson, Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist, offers Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapy to help cancer patients, which uses the mind/body connection to alleviate fear and anxiety and bring the body back toward healthy balance. Hypnotherapy can also ease the side effects of chemotherapy, speed healing from surgery, decrease pain and support traditional cancer treatment.

“The diagnosis of cancer and its treatment cause a profound sense of disequilibrium unrivaled by most other human conditions,” says Thompson. “The feelings of fear and helplessness become reality as the logistics of fighting cancer are handed to medical professionals. In the urgency of dealing with the physical aspect of cancer, other valuable resources are often overlooked.”

Balance is the key to health and fighting diseases, she says. “Research supports the mind/body connection as the pathway that promotes balance and well-being. Positive thoughts and emotions trigger the brain to release hormones that support balanced body function. Fear, anxiety and fatigue, often experienced with cancer, shift resources away from balance and hinder the body’s ability to heal and fight back,” explains Thompson. “Hypnotherapy teaches people to access the power of their mind and restore balance and connection in mind and body.”

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