Structural Assessment 101: An Introduction to Possibility

Zachary Saber

Zachary Saber, LMP/MFR, will offer a Structural Assessment class from 2 to 6 p.m., August 19, at WellnessFirst!, in Tucson. This class is about helping to understand what the body is telling us, and is designed to assist us in beginning to understand what we’re looking at and where to focus our work toward making healthy changes, as well as how to see from a different perspective.

“When meeting a client for massage they often tell you something specific is bothering them; being able to assess their structure helps you to better understand and see where the problem originates—not just where it presents. You’ll provide better results for your client by knowing where to focus your work, regardless of the type of massage you offer, because by being able to identify these patterns, you’re able to help them better express themselves to the world around them,” explains Saber. “You’ll learn from how your client stands, sits or walks and moves as well as the impact it’s having on them.”

The class, limited to 10 people, is open to all modalities of bodywork or curiosity. Refreshments are provided. No CEUs for this class.

Cost: $50 per person. Location: 3861 N. 1st Ave., Tucson. Call 520-232-4585 to reserve a space by August 15. See ad, page 3.

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