Don’t Stress About Legal Protection

Among the things that create stress in the lives of many Americans is that we are faced with a myriad of legal issues on a daily basis. About 57 million full-time working people in this country have experienced at least one significant legal event in the past 12 months, but only 60 percent actually sought the services of a lawyer to help them.

A recent survey identified the areas of greatest need as ranging from auto and traffic issues such as traffic tickets and accidents, family issues such as adoption and divorce, and estate planning concerns such as wills and trusts, to estate or inheritance management. Identity theft has been the top consumer complaint filed with the FTC for 15 years straight. The sad part is that victims are spending an exorbitant amount of time and money dealing with it, whilst the criminals are getting smarter—and they’re not going away.

To make matters worse, legal problems know no economic boundaries. People from all income levels experience legal issues or events, and many avoid legal help because of cost, access and trust issues.

Now, at the touch of a button, a law firm is able to advise people on any personal legal matter without the high hourly costs. Forget about the stress of figuring out which attorney to use—LegalShield will take care of it. Clients can live worry-free as their experienced attorneys focus specifically on queries and provide 24/7 access for covered emergencies.

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