July 2017 Letter From Publisher

Holly Baker

Styling & Photography by EchoStarMaker.com

Summer is in full swing, and here in Tucson, that can be the perfect time to detox our bodies. Whether it be through sweat—let’s face it, it’s unavoidable—or more intentional means, a good detoxification is good for the body and soul.

In this issue, we hear from both national and local experts on various methods of detox, including colon cleanses, nutrients to aid in detoxification, nourishing the spirit and more. Let’s start anew, ready to take on the rest of this summer’s fun activities.

We have some fresh takes on Natural Awakenings Tucson this month, as well. Our Bodywork section has been updated, we have a brand new Foodie Guide, expanded Classifieds and more exciting things to come—including sections on Pets and Fitness. We now feature an advertiser index at the end of the issue, making it easy to find the locations of ads and learn more about local businesses.

So what does your body need this month? Is it a float in a sensory deprivation tank, a colon cleanse, an updated meditation routine or just a good day spent outdoors with friends and family? I challenge you to make a positive change for yourself this month; you’ll be glad you did!

In good health,


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