Managing Stress When Buying a New Home

Real Estate transactions are inherently stressful. Tucson’s current market with limited inventory of available homes makes it especially stressful for buyers who need to be prepared to make offers quickly or risk losing their preferred home. Stress is closely linked to sleeping problems, health problems, relationship problems, job performance problems and general poor quality of life. Knowing how to reduce and manage stress when purchasing a new home is vitally important.

Preparation is key. Here are some tips for making it through the home-buying process with less stress.

• Select a Realtor to help locate properties, inform and guide throughout the process. Buying a home is very complicated; don’t go it alone.

• Obtain a prequalification form from a lender before starting to look for a home. A realtor can help find a lender.

• Become familiar with real estate jargon and the steps of the transaction process itself. Understanding the acronyms and knowing what to expect will greatly reduce wondering and worrying.

• Read and review the Arizona Association of Real Estate “Buyer’s Advisory”. Agents should provide one. This is a required form that provides excellent resources for obtaining answers to all the questions buyers have.

• Maintain regular self-care practices: exercise, yoga, meditation, nutritional, spiritual. In the rush of buying a home, it is easy to let these go. Real Estate transactions are full of ups and downs. It is very important to continue self-care to sustain balance.

• As much as possible, retain a sense of humor and have fun. Buying a new home may be stressful, but the outcome is one to celebrate and enjoy.

Carol Nigut is an Affiliated Buyer’s Representative with specialized knowledge and experience for assisting buyers. Prior to becoming a licensed Realtor, she had her own wholistic health training and consulting practice, “Happy, Healthy, and Whole”. Connect at 520-448-6033, or See ad, page 9.

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