The Benefits of Having an Astrological Reading

Astrology is an ancient science centuries old, and many cultures have been using it for thousands of years. In America, it is still a new phenomena, and only became popular since the 1960s.

Those who believe in reincarnation believe that the soul never dies, and enters a new body to continue the soul’s evolution. That evolution is shown in our birth chart. The birth chart explains our relationship to our parents, shows attitudes about money, career and relationships, sexual orientation, creativity, health, spirituality and children.

An astrology reading from a professional can explain why certain areas of our lives have been challenging and others have been easy. A good astrologer will help navigate the blind spots in one’s chart (where we can’t see clearly) and we all have these. They can help us with timing of events, such as moving, changing jobs, getting married, selling/buying a home. This is done by interpreting the planets’ transits or where the lancets are now in there orbit, and how the planets are aspecting one’s birth chart. This information is very empowering, because the more we are aware or conscious of, the better choices we can make for ourselves.

Astrology is a complex and complete science to help us on our soul’s journey. Getting a reading from a professional astrologer can help one navigate the rough passages in life, and help when at a major crossroad.

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